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the Fetish side of Photography

Killing off the prejudice of Fetish

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Ok here is the battleplan so far, anyone can join. HOWEVER, you want to post, you need an ok from the Monitor and the rules are going to be very stern. Similar to before, this is a place for fetishy things mostly of a dark nature and more appreciated as a POLISHED or PURPOSELY RAW form. (as one might frame and hang it on the wall) These people who do post understand a few things. They are sharing their photos with you so you can:
A) enjoy it.
b) Purchase it
c) maybe even model for new ones
d) Promote themselves.
e) all of the above.
This does not mean you can repost, re use, remake, and especially not RETAG their work. For some people THIS IS THEIR LIFE. So all photos posted here are either owned/taken by you or you have permission from the user to post it here. That is after the moderators have granted your permission to post. Let's make this kickass and even more interesting than before people!!! so far you can email me with your intent for posting at truth@twcny.rr.com and I will agree to letting you start this wheel turning Thanks!!
REMEMBER!:You MUST be 18 to join OR post. thanks in advance.